Some Lines Witten while Sitting in the Atrium at Dartmouth (NH) Medical Center By Estelle Cade

I bought a hat the other day.
It was so cute, it fit so well;
It’s definitely you,
my friends all say. 

I bought some shoes the other day;
bright red, and so in style that
just to look at them
makes me smile.

Dressed up now,
from toes to head –
look at what’s next,
Old Age said.
There is a magic cloak for you
It comes in many colors.
Some will wear it gracefully –
(and then there are the others..) Continue reading

Honor by Luci Adams




I have some wonderful friends in my life.

Strong women.

Women on the cutting edge.

Women on the forefront.


Teachers of music, authors, gardeners,

Readers, healers, housewives, mothers,

Maidens, crones, poets.


Women in pain, in joy.


Women still in physical bodies, some not.

Courageous women, risk takers,

Seekers, knowers,

Creative, warm wonderful.

Humorous, giving, supportive.


Women who have touched my life in some way…

Some in small yet significant ways —

Some with greater impact …


                                    Faith Javane                          Linda Tanner

                                    Sue Lukgord                           Lousia Poole

                                    Enid Hoffman                        Joy Bergstrom

                                                         Virginia Randall


I honor you all

Thank you for being in my life.