Remember When? by Estelle Cade

As busy parents it was hard to just get through the days sometimes, let alone take notice of those special “small moments” of tenderness or joy. Yet as we live out our lives, those small moments can pop up seemingly out of the blue, but no doubt just waiting in one’s subconscious to be enjoyed anew.

My daughter, an only child for her first five years, was thrilled to know that right after her 6th birthday she’d have a baby brother or sister. She would put her eye to my stomach and tell us: that’s my baby brother in there” – and she was right! She loved being a “Helper” and would happily bring me a clean shirt or some little item. I’ve never forgotten the day I looked into the baby’s room and saw her standing by the crib, singing “Rock a bye Baby” to her brother, as his blue eyes watched her so intently. A tender moment to cherish. Continue reading

Real Names by Mildred Grant

Mom looked at the two young boys, wondering how she was going to manage them along with the two girls and a baby on the way. Son,Chesterwas a precocious handful by himself, having been badly spoiled as Mother Dimond’s first-born grandchild. Nephew Raymond, Mom’s sister Mabel’s boy, was having a hard time adjusting to his mother’s death. Hoping a change of scenery and another boy to play with might help fill the void in Raymond’s life, he was sent to spend some time with his Aunt Helen, Uncle Furb, and family inNew Hampshire. The family was already stretching the house seams. The new baby would share its parents’ room. Eleanor and Mildred would still share the bed in the front room. Chet would just have to share his upstairs room with Raymond.

Ray flinched as Mom touched his shoulder and asked, “Did Chester help you find a place to put away all your clothes?” Continue reading