Some Lines Witten while Sitting in the Atrium at Dartmouth (NH) Medical Center By Estelle Cade

I bought a hat the other day.
It was so cute, it fit so well;
It’s definitely you,
my friends all say. 

I bought some shoes the other day;
bright red, and so in style that
just to look at them
makes me smile.

Dressed up now,
from toes to head –
look at what’s next,
Old Age said.
There is a magic cloak for you
It comes in many colors.
Some will wear it gracefully –
(and then there are the others..) Continue reading

Metaphor by Estelle Cade

My life is a card file
neatly organized by decades
So far the files are upright, labels still in place
No shredder necessary.

My life is a toothpaste tube
financially squeezed more each day.
One hopes always for another
squeeze or two
before the end is reached.

My life is a quiet pool,
calm; placid on the surface
with unseen eddies, dark places
in lower depths.