The Cabin by Estelle Cade

She came upon the cabin suddenly, as she reached an open space in her climb. Surrounded by tall pines, it seemed to nestle cozily into the clearing. A breeze set the pine boughs to whispering among themselves, while the sun-warmed needles on the ground gave out that familiar scent of balsam. On the porch a rocking chair dressed in a faded cushion seems to beckon her on.

Two old men, one wearing a cap, the other sporting a cowboy hat, are seated under a nearby tree, beside a small lake. Seemingly silent, they ignore her presence.

Quietly, almost holding her breath, she tiptoes up the path and Continue reading

I Am a Tree by Mildred Grant

      “Hello, my name is Belinda. Belinda Birch. These are my two sisters, Beulah and Bertha. We enjoy living in this moss bed. We have so many forest friends who come to visit us that we’re never lonely. Sometimes, especially during the summer, we have humans who come to visit and pick the delicious, beautiful blue berries growing all around the edges of our moss bed.

            “Don’t you agree, girls?” I asked.

            Beulah and Bertha clapped their leafy branches in approval. Continue reading

HEKATE by Luci Adams

Hekate at the Y
Hekate with the three-headed hound
Hekate with the serpent-entwined walking staff
Hekate, the obsidian-robed one
Hekate, I greet you.


At the Y, the place of choices

            The black obsidian path, into the void

            The red coral path, into the quiet

            The white pearl path, into the wisdom

I have heard, Hekate
That only one path can be chosen

It seems to me, in the choosing of one
All are encompassed.

Then Hekate, I choose
          The Obsidian Fire Dragon path.


Holiday Newsletter by Luci Adams

Well, here we are, another year gone by. It’s Chanukah, Christmas,Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Yule time, again. (Did I cover them all?)

This year I’ve decided to write a Holiday Newsletter (‘holiday’ because I don’t want to have to list all of them separately again).

What a great year it has been. Let me tell you all about it.

First of all, back in January, my friends Snagglepuss the Red and Purple; Gryff the Green and Lavender; and Fafner the Green and Gold; decided to take a journey with me to visit our Frost Dragon friends—Spitz, Marta,Thule and their clan—for the year. Continue reading