Pot Luck by Mildred Grant

                “Dag-nab-it!” Father’s favorite expression of total frustration rang out over the frozen, snow-covered front lawn.

                Standing in a well shoveled path, Mom, bundled up in appropriate winter wear, smiled as she said, “ Your Father’s ideas for the outside decoration of our home this Christmas seem to have hit a sour note.”

                “What’s wrong,” she asked him.

                “I can’t seem to get this last ‘critter’ to stay lined up Continue reading

I’m Done with You, Martha Stewart! Lori Thatcher

          So long, Martha,

            This time I really mean it! I can’t fathom why our affair endured as long as it did. Every one of my recent resolutions has been about simplifying my life and paring down my possessions. The minimalist lifestyle has lured me away, darlin’. I’m trying to be gentle, but I need to tell you I have no room in my life for you.

I know. I know. You have good reasons for not believing me. Every time you show up, I cave in, despite my resolutions. Continue reading