Dear Friends,

Well, it’s newsletter time again. So here’s our Christmas newsletter so all of you can see what we been up to for the past year.

We ain’t had too bad of a year, considering. It started off a little scary when our septic tank started leaking and formed a pond in the middle of our lawn. But we decided not to get too upset and to look on the bright side and that’s when things really started looking up. Our bad luck came to an end when little Jimmy discovered a new use for that pond, Continue reading

Pot Luck by Mildred Grant

                “Dag-nab-it!” Father’s favorite expression of total frustration rang out over the frozen, snow-covered front lawn.

                Standing in a well shoveled path, Mom, bundled up in appropriate winter wear, smiled as she said, “ Your Father’s ideas for the outside decoration of our home this Christmas seem to have hit a sour note.”

                “What’s wrong,” she asked him.

                “I can’t seem to get this last ‘critter’ to stay lined up Continue reading

Holiday Newsletter by Luci Adams

Well, here we are, another year gone by. It’s Chanukah, Christmas,Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Yule time, again. (Did I cover them all?)

This year I’ve decided to write a Holiday Newsletter (‘holiday’ because I don’t want to have to list all of them separately again).

What a great year it has been. Let me tell you all about it.

First of all, back in January, my friends Snagglepuss the Red and Purple; Gryff the Green and Lavender; and Fafner the Green and Gold; decided to take a journey with me to visit our Frost Dragon friends—Spitz, Marta,Thule and their clan—for the year. Continue reading

Unexpected Christmas Treasures by Mildred Grant

Napkins in rings—all the last touches—the table is all ready.
“Oh, dear, not the phone!” Mom complained. “Hello. Oh, Mother, are you and Dad ready this early?”
Grandma’s message left Mom speechless—just for a moment.
“Of course we’ll be happy to have them join us. There’s plenty of food—oh, an extra salad is a perfect addition. I’ll just add the extra leaf and two place settings to the table. We’ll see you soon.”
“Girls, I need your help, now,” Mom called. “We have to take the table apart, add the extra leaf, then put everything back together, adding two more place settings. Uncle Ed and Aunt Eva are coming down from Manchester to spend Christmas Day with us.”
“Oh,” Mom paused. “We don’t have two more napkin rings.”
Eleanor was already searching the back corners of the silver drawer.
“How about these, Mom,” she asked as she unwrapped and held up two beautiful, very old, silver napkin rings.
Mom paused, took the rings, and looked at them intently, running her fingers over the lovely raised surfaces, finally saying, “Yes, this is the perfect time to put these to good use again. Mildred, you can put the napkins into them and put them here for Uncle Ed and Aunt Eva.”
Always curious, Mildred asked, “How come they’re coming way down here and how come Roddy isn’t coming with them?”
“I don’t know, to both questions,” Mom replied. “Grandma said she would explain when they get here, but I think they really need us today.” Continue reading