Bucket List by Ted Scott

I think the last time I ever made a big to-do list was when I was 17 and a freshman in college. The items on my list were largely professional ambitions and within three or four months I had forgotten everything on the list. I doubt I ever accomplished any of them, as I kind of reacted my way through life. I wasn’t anything like Lou Holtz who made a very ambitious list at an early stage in his football coaching career. When he retired from his lifetime appointment as head coach at Notre Dame about 15 years ago, he claimed to have achieved all but five or six of the 107 items on the list. His list included things like being invited to the White House for dinner, winning a national championship in football and being head coach at Notre Dame. Continue reading

Bucket List by Luci Adams

Bucket List, hmm. I’ve never felt the need to make a list of what I want to do before I kick the bucket. After thinking about it, I would have on this list places such asMachu Picchu,Malta,Uluru,Iceland, Serpent Mound,Mt.Katahdin, Burnt Hill, and Turtle Mound. All sacred sites.

Now, why are these places considered sacred sites? What makes a sacred site?

Our planet is a complex entity experiencing many kinds of energetic phenomena that interact with us, humans and other animals, in known and unknown ways. Conditions of the atmosphere, temperature differences and sunlight intensity can affect us, both physically and psychologically. Geophysical phenomena such as:  magnetism, radioactivity, gravity, the presence of subsurface water, concentrated mineral ores, volcanic activity, earthquakes, tremors, and ultrasound, ionization—you get the picture. Research has shown that many ancient sacred sites are located directly on or in close proximity to areas known to have unusual levels of these kinds of phenomena. Continue reading