Honor by Luci Adams




I have some wonderful friends in my life.

Strong women.

Women on the cutting edge.

Women on the forefront.


Teachers of music, authors, gardeners,

Readers, healers, housewives, mothers,

Maidens, crones, poets.


Women in pain, in joy.


Women still in physical bodies, some not.

Courageous women, risk takers,

Seekers, knowers,

Creative, warm wonderful.

Humorous, giving, supportive.


Women who have touched my life in some way…

Some in small yet significant ways —

Some with greater impact …


                                    Faith Javane                          Linda Tanner

                                    Sue Lukgord                           Lousia Poole

                                    Enid Hoffman                        Joy Bergstrom

                                                         Virginia Randall


I honor you all

Thank you for being in my life.

HEKATE by Luci Adams

Hekate at the Y
Hekate with the three-headed hound
Hekate with the serpent-entwined walking staff
Hekate, the obsidian-robed one
Hekate, I greet you.


At the Y, the place of choices

            The black obsidian path, into the void

            The red coral path, into the quiet

            The white pearl path, into the wisdom

I have heard, Hekate
That only one path can be chosen

It seems to me, in the choosing of one
All are encompassed.

Then Hekate, I choose
          The Obsidian Fire Dragon path.


From The Goddess by Luci Adams

 Hear me, oh children, through the centuries
I am the MOTHER of all — the CREATOR

 I give you the gift of life, of power, of discernment.
I bring you love, compassion, nurturing,
sadness, passion, life, laughter, growth.

I give you choice – to experience who you are not
to become aware of who you truly are.

I ask you to awaken – to live consciously –
 to respond IN LIFE – not to react to happenings.

I am with you always, in all ways,
I ask you to honor your gift of life
by being who you truly are,
A sensual/sexual wild woman
an aspect of God experiencing HERSELF!

Luci Adams©             

Holiday Newsletter by Luci Adams

Well, here we are, another year gone by. It’s Chanukah, Christmas,Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Yule time, again. (Did I cover them all?)

This year I’ve decided to write a Holiday Newsletter (‘holiday’ because I don’t want to have to list all of them separately again).

What a great year it has been. Let me tell you all about it.

First of all, back in January, my friends Snagglepuss the Red and Purple; Gryff the Green and Lavender; and Fafner the Green and Gold; decided to take a journey with me to visit our Frost Dragon friends—Spitz, Marta,Thule and their clan—for the year. Continue reading

Ira Hayes by Luci Adams

 I knew who I was
I felt an urge
A pull to go
I was young
War would bring me recognition
I would be a great warrior.

 I forgot; it does not work that way in white-man’s land
They use, abuse, and throw you away.

I came back from Iwo Jima a Hero
I was lauded and applauded
From a ‘polite’ distance
No respect this white world has
For those who are different.

 Down and down I spiraled
Faster and faster
Until I died
Lost and alone
My people not understanding.
Me, not getting it.
White’s not caring.

 What did I not get? You ask
I forgot who I was/am.
My way/ideals and Whites’ did not mesh
I tried and lost myself
Hidden deep in the struggle.

 Now, one remembers me
She holds me in her heart
I feel less at sea
There is hope
Thank you Goddess
Blessed Be.

Bucket List by Luci Adams

Bucket List, hmm. I’ve never felt the need to make a list of what I want to do before I kick the bucket. After thinking about it, I would have on this list places such asMachu Picchu,Malta,Uluru,Iceland, Serpent Mound,Mt.Katahdin, Burnt Hill, and Turtle Mound. All sacred sites.

Now, why are these places considered sacred sites? What makes a sacred site?

Our planet is a complex entity experiencing many kinds of energetic phenomena that interact with us, humans and other animals, in known and unknown ways. Conditions of the atmosphere, temperature differences and sunlight intensity can affect us, both physically and psychologically. Geophysical phenomena such as:  magnetism, radioactivity, gravity, the presence of subsurface water, concentrated mineral ores, volcanic activity, earthquakes, tremors, and ultrasound, ionization—you get the picture. Research has shown that many ancient sacred sites are located directly on or in close proximity to areas known to have unusual levels of these kinds of phenomena. Continue reading