nature of resilience: Sculpture Magazine 2014            by alice thomas



centuries of
catapulted art:
hemp and wood
brass and textile

were transformed
beyond burning
to a breathing
combustible archeology

from nature’s ancient bounty
burnt   salted   carved
re-established as
a superior bloom

re-seen      renewed
art-    all over again



WE ARE A TOWN by Alice Thomas

I know a man a woman who eats whatever is placed on the plate

Chinese Soul Indian Thai New Food and it’s all from ‘home’

prays the Shema and Our Father all around town

sees all sides of the coin of this realm

whose family comes from Portugal Puerto Rico Moldova Russia Poland and points north

with tongues moving in all directions to the right the left and center

who lives in dwellings of apartment jail farm home congregate rehabilitation shelter motel

makes mis-takes but always does their best … whatever that is

we are all of them Greenfield of Franklin County