Who are these Well Done Writers?

Well Done Writers meets at the Greenfield Senior Center located in the Weldon on High Street and in the shadow of the historic 1812 sandstone tower at Poet’s Seat.

In a back room at the Greenfield Senior Center, Monday afternoon is set aside as a time of writing. Led by either Lori Thatcher or Janet Keyes, the participants read their work and comment on each other’s writing. The pieces they bring may be responses to prompts presented at the last meeting, or they may be personal projects: memoir or poetry, short story or non-fiction essay. The goal is: improvement, support, and camaraderie. In 2011, the group chose a name: Well Done Writers, a play on words indicating both their location, the Weldon, and their senior status.

The Well Done Writers, both current and prior members are:

Luci hails from Northampton by way of Waltham, Concord, Lexington and Gloucester.  She has had stories published in the Senior News GCOA; the Greenfield Recorder; and Tales and Treasures, A Senior Sampler, 2010. Hobbies include getting together with friends, ones from grade and high school, GCC and ones newly met at the senior center.

Dolly Arsenault moved to Greenfield from the Boston area in 1971.  She was a secretary for eighteen years at a child protection agency, retiring in 2007.
 Within a few months of retirement, she became a member of the Greenfield Library Novel Writing Group where she began her mystery novel.  The group lasted for three years.  In that time she finished her book, an accomplishment for which she credits the kind criticism and support of her co-writers.  Recently she joined the Greenfield Senior Center writing group where she finds that same encouragement.
David Bryant is one of seven children. He was born in Springfield and grew up in New Jersey with two of his brothers. He has two sisters he has not seen since childhood. David loves writing with the others. His strong faith directs his life and comes through in many of his pieces. He has had pieces published many places as well as in the collection Days and Moments, Moments and Days.
Estelle Cade moved to Ashfield from the Boston area at the age of eleven and has been happily settled in Franklin County ever since, although she has traveled quite extensively. Widowed many years ago, she is the mother of three, grandmother of five and great-grandmother of four.
Having always been a writer, (she liked writing assignments in school!) she takes great joy in her writing group friends as they share their life stories with each other. She hopes someday her “grands” and “great grands” will enjoy reading the stories of her life in “the olden days”.
She has had work published in all ten volumes of Local Color, As You Write it Vol. I and II, Tales and Treasures, The Good Life, The Recorder, The Springfield Union, The Ashfield News and The Montague Reporter.
Writing is a pleasure and a hobby that requires nothing more than a pad of lined paper, a good supply of pens – and like-minded friends with whom to share your words.
Marty Glaser was born in Springfield, raised in Athol, and schooled at Worcester Academy, BU College of Basic Studies, Emerson College and Fitchburg State College. He was a Special Education Teacher for forty years, thirty years at the Franklin County Technical School. Marty and his wife Lenore have lived in Turners Falls since 1978 and celebrated their forty-second anniversary on August 18, 2016. They have two grown sons, each having one daughter. Marty joined the Well Done Writers because a Book of Errors was in his thoughts. He and Lenore also wanted to create a legacy book for their sons. Marty sees life in humorous ways and says he has grown as a writer because of association with good writers, encouragement to find his own voice, and because of positive suggestions for improving his writing. He enjoys the writing group because they listen, give positive feedback, and respect each other for their unique contributions.

Esther Johnson is a Swede/Finn by heritage and an American by birth. She learned Swedish by full immersion when she was 13 by spending the summer on a farm in Sweden and reading comic books in Swedish called Kalle Anka (Donald Duck). She also talked with her 60-year-old aunt and her family. She has spent over one year in Sweden and speaks, reads and writes the language. Her heritage has made her who she is today. Esther married a second generation Swedish/American, and tried to pass her strong heritage to their children and grandchildren. Esther’s love of writing was nurtured by writing newsletters for Scandinavian groups and creating much of the text which led to drafting company newsletters for legal firms and manufacturing enterprises.


Janet Keyes was born in Vermont, and has lived most of her life in Greenfield, ever cherishing the depth of her family roots in Massachusetts. A retired registered nurse, her volunteer work includes Baystate Franklin MESTHERedical Center, Greenfield Senior Center, and Robbins Memorial Congregational Church. Janet’s literary interests date back to the Bookworm Club in her childhood, then her position on the staff of her high school newspaper, and years of work on church newsletters. Currently she is group leader of the Well Done Writers. Over the years, her poems and essays have been published in the Greenfield Recorder, Local Color, The National Library of Poetry, Senior News, and the writing group publication, Tales and Treasures, as well as in the collection Days and Moments, Moments and Days.. She sings in her church choir and has composed lyrics for several hymns. She enjoys sharing slip-of-the-tongue “geezerisms” with her husband Allan who has also collaborated with her in writing stories of family history.

A Bio’ 2016

A Thinker more than doer
A Skeptic more than believer –
And somewhere in between.
A Lover of truth,
and the myriad Forms of beauty;
the animate
The inanimate –
and all the in-betweens

Mary Kuzontkoski grew up on a farm in Gill Mass, the eldest of four children. She has had pieces published in her high school writing book at Turners High School and also in the Community College’s Poetry Press at  Greenfield Community College.
Janice Lepore, a retired secretary, mother of four and grandmother of seven, was born and raised in South Dakota. She was the eldest of fourteen. Her work has been published in The International Library of Poetry, Greenfield Senior News, The Good Life, and Local Color as well as in the collection Days and Moment, Moments and Days.

Noreen O’Brien has been chasing winged, feathered creatures for some 45 years and, at every opportunity, has traveled the globe with birds as the focus of each trip. In addition to birds, Noreen has enjoyed a lifelong passion for reading, journaling, and will sometimes delve into the world of writing creative nonfiction and memoir—she reads and writes to discover what she thinks and feels about things.

Lettice Randall lives in Greenfield with her husband Charles. They have three grown children and five grandchildren. Much of Lettice’s inspiration for writing comes from childhood memories. She hopes to write a book of memoir for her children and grandchildren to enjoy.
In the past, Lettice has done freelance verse writing for Oatmeal Studios, a greeting card company based in Rochester,VT. In 1996 she won the Oatmeal Studios Most Creative Editorial award for one of her contributions. She has also written many articles for Son Spots, The Colrain Community Church newsletter. In 2010, her pieces were included in Tales & Treasures, a collection written by the Well Done Writers at the Greenfield Senior Center.
Ted Scott moved to Greenfield in 2006 after teaching Physics for over 30 years. He began writing by taking Memoir writing courses at GCC, and has been part of a writing group since then. He occasionally reads at local “Open Mic” groups, and has been attending the Greenfield Senior Center Writing Group for almost two years. He is 74. He welcomes feedback at ted_scott99@yahoo.com

Lori Thatcher describes herself as a fanatical reader, writer, and slap happy turnsole. She has had both short stories and memoir published in print and online, her short story winning a top-ten spot in the print collection It’s a Crime. She joined the Greenfield Senior Writing Group in the spring of 2011 and started the Well Done Writers Website in the fall of 2011. She enjoyed her time with the group and although she has since moved away, she keeps in touch and still manages the website. She continues to write with groups both in Maine and Florida, and will be teaching a memoir class in Maine this summer.

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