The Tale of the Footes by Estelle Cade

Once upon a time, Mr. And Mrs. Foote learned that they would be having twins, a girl and a boy. The girl, being in a hurry, was born first and they named her Righty. The boy, a few seconds later, arrived, and they named him Lefty. They were adorable identical twins, and the parents were “toe-tally” thrilled with their tiny baby toes. So sweet, so cunning.

However, as they began to walk Mrs. Foote noticed that Righty’s little toes turned out as she began to walk and that Lefty’s little toes turned inward. Fearing that this might hamper their agility, she enrolled them in Miss Toe Knees School of Dance. The children took to dance immediately! Righty found Ballet to be the perfect style for her and the second that Lefty put on those shiny black tap shoes, he was off and away!

The twins entered many Dance Competitions and soon news of their wonderful talent began to spread. They were billed now as The Tippy Tap Toes Twins and fans indeed stood on tiptoe to see them.  Righty, en pointe, twirled and  twirled on her toes, her arabesques were things of beauty, and her leaps left her fans in awe. Lefty’s toe taps were spectacular, his toes actually sparkled as he double shuffled and did digs and clicks while sometimes also appearing as ‘catcher ‘ for Righty in some of her ballet scenes. He would speedily tap his way across the stage, click, click, click – and be in place she Righty’s last leap brought him right to his arms.  Their audience would gasp in amazement at what two types of toes could accomplish.

Deciding to dip their toes in the water of the film business, they made a movie “On Your Toes and Pointe Your Toes”  which became a box office hit and led to Oscar nominations. All the wonderful dance professionals were thrilled to see their art be recognized and it led to a new  category “Best Odd combination of Dance in One Film”.

One day, after hours of rehearsing for their next live show, Righty untied her ballet shoes, sighed as she rubbed her poor, crooked toes and said, “Lefty – I think it’s time we retired. This is getting too hard for us.” Lefty, removing his well-worn pair of lucky tap shoes and surveying the new set of blisters on his toes said “Sis, you’re right. It’s time to hang up our shoes and retire. But – what would we do? We surely do not want to teach!”

So, calling on their contacts in the dance world – so many with major toe problems, they drew up a business plan and formed a company which they named the Tippy Tippy Tap Toe Shoe Company – Orthopedic Dance Shoes for Worn out Dancers.

The company was wildly successful and Righty and Lefty and their families enjoyed a happy retired life. They moved to a private island they had purchased, where they never had to wear shoes, and where their toes never hurt again.

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