A Minor Triumph by David Bryant

About two months after my uncle’s death, I decided to go back to New Jersey to see how my aunt was doing, since she was now alone in a fairly big house. It was early spring, and I decided to travel by bus.

I didn’t bring any money with me. There was money in my bank account here, and I thought I could just go to a bank in New Jersey as soon as I got there. To my utter surprise, the banks closed at one o’clock on Saturdays in New Jersey. I was sure I could get by until Monday. After all, my aunt had always provided anything a family member needed.

By the time I got to my aunt’s house, I could see she was very upset. I learned that my uncle had left some loose ends after a previous marriage, and this was bothering my aunt. As we sat talking about it, I became very tired, too tired to continue any dialog, and I told that to my aunt. All of a sudden she seemed to snap, and she jumped to her feet shouting in a rage, ”Get out! Get out!”

I headed out the door with no money and nowhere to go. I had not had any contact with other relatives in New Jersey. So, I found myself stranded at least until the following Monday. I walked the streets until dusk. By nightfall I had grown very tired. I decided to go back to her house, thinking maybe my aunt felt better. I knocked and knocked, but there was no answer and the house was dark. I decided to sleep on the front porch.

One thing I have relied on is my faith in God to see me through hard times. It was a long, cold night after all, and I had no blanket and just a light jacket. I tossed and turned all night, but the Lord got me through it.

I awoke to the sound of birds chirping, and the radiant sun was smiling down on me. Across the street there is an apartment where friends of my aunt live. I went over there and told them my story. They cheerfully agreed to let me stay with them until I could get some money. They gave me food, shelter, and a place to shower. They were so kind I decided to stay a couple of days longer.

Finally I got to a bank and got money, and I departed. Since then I have never traveled without any spare cash. I thank my heavenly Father for this minor triumph.

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