DO YOU PROMISE NOT TO TELL? by Lettice Randall

It seems everyone has secrets in their life. There are secrets that we wouldn’t dream of revealing to another soul. Then there are secrets we may share with a few select people. And then there are those secrets we might tell nearly everyone we know, save one or two particular people. My secret belongs in this last category. Continue reading

I am a Poem by Estelle Cade

I am a reader, a writer,
A mother, a grandmother
I wonder sometimes if any of it matters.
I hear the chuckle of a kookaburra
I see the surf of the Southern Ocean
I want to hug my daughter
I am a poem.

I pretend I am going on a journey
I feel excited at the thought of it
I touch my daughter’s hair
I worry all my travels will remain a dream
I cry at the thought of all the dead soldiers
I am a poem.

I understand the world is round
I say the world keeps getting smaller
I dream of a peaceful world
I try to continue to grow
I hope to stay all ways healthy
I am a poem.