THE BLIZZARD OF 2013 by Lettice Randall

The snow had just begun to fall
This is New England after all
We Northerners are a sturdy lot
Afraid of snow storms we are not.
At least that’s what I used to feel
But media hype has become unreal
Stay off the roads we’re being told
We Yankees used to be so bold.
What happened to our braver days
Now we’re told to change our ways.
A little snow shouldn’t bother us.
We need to know, why all the fuss?
So here I sit and contemplate
Should I go out or should I wait.
Tomorrow is another day.
So I’ll stay in. What can I say?

SUN / SHADE – JOY / PAIN by Janet Keyes

 Bright dappled sunlight dots cool checkered shade

with twinkling dimples clear.

And each – the light, the dark – is more intense,

more deeply cherished here —

Because the other dances at its edge.

My blessings burn across my fevered life

with scars of joy and pain.

For sun and shadows lightly co-exist,

with loss to balance gain —

 And sorrow richly frames my greatest joys.