A Sticky Leaves-Taking by Janice Lepore

John ran his fingers through his hair. The lengthy and “funny” story ended with the dog retrieving the stick of dynamite. The supposed-to-be experienced ice fishermen struggled to run in their heavy clothes and boots, whooping at the dog to drop the stick.
The confused dog obeyed and, obviously more intelligent than his master, beelined it for the shiny new red 4-wheel-drive vehicle parked on the ice, and jumped in. It was a skillful and heartfelt leave-taking.
Obviously, the ice fisherman who had been bragging about having the smartest dog on earth was right. The dog had hightailed it for safety. It was the dumb fisherman who now had a fish tale that he never wanted to tell.

The Cabin by Estelle Cade

She came upon the cabin suddenly, as she reached an open space in her climb. Surrounded by tall pines, it seemed to nestle cozily into the clearing. A breeze set the pine boughs to whispering among themselves, while the sun-warmed needles on the ground gave out that familiar scent of balsam. On the porch a rocking chair dressed in a faded cushion seems to beckon her on.

Two old men, one wearing a cap, the other sporting a cowboy hat, are seated under a nearby tree, beside a small lake. Seemingly silent, they ignore her presence.

Quietly, almost holding her breath, she tiptoes up the path and Continue reading