Metaphor by Estelle Cade

My life is a card file
neatly organized by decades
So far the files are upright, labels still in place
No shredder necessary.

My life is a toothpaste tube
financially squeezed more each day.
One hopes always for another
squeeze or two
before the end is reached.

My life is a quiet pool,
calm; placid on the surface
with unseen eddies, dark places
in lower depths.


Good from Evil Intent by Mildred Grant


My brother was looking for a fight! He tried to engage my sister’s attention by poking her in the back enough times and hard enough to warrant a quick, full-swing slap across his face. More angry than ever, he tried to pick on me, but Mom caught him.

“Outside! No more picking on the girls! Go find someone your own size,” Mom scolded. “Don’t go far. We’re in for a shower.”

“Hm-m-m, my own size. That’s it!” His face still smarting and now hot Continue reading

The Lemon Puddle by Mildred Grant

            The children were  back in school, the clothes washed and hung out to dry in the bright sunshine with a helpful breeze blowing.

            Mary asked her sister-in-law, “What shall we do next, Mattie?”

            “Remember those lemons we bought from Mr. Barnes, the peddler?” Mattie asked. Continue reading

Un-Fair at Heath by Mildred Grant

        Spending the summer months at Great Uncle Merritt’s big, old, colonial era farm-home in Heath, afforded endless, wonderful opportunities for us five children to explore the whole area, inside all the buildings, and, as far as Mom would allow, to roam freely the surrounding fields and forests.

            We had known for a week that we were going to the Heath Fair, so our childish efforts at “taking Heaven by storm,” to assure perfect weather, seemed to have paid off. Continue reading