Greenfield Senior Center Writers by Janet Keyes

The writing group at the Greenfield Senior Center has had an exciting year. While setting up this website, Lori Thatcher asked us to come up with a name for the group. We deliberated and agreed upon Well Done Writers, a play on words indicating both our location, the Weldon House, and our senior status. The Well Done Writers’ website features memoir, poetry, personal essay and fiction written by our members.
In the Senior News Calendar, we will still be called the “Writing Group” to make it easy for new people to find us in the computer at the senior center. We definitely welcome newcomers at any time, for one session or for a whole season. If you have never written before or if you have always recorded your memories or thoughts, now is the time to dive right in.
Our newest project will be geared towards “days” –ordinary days, early days, working days, etc. Publication date to be announced.
We appreciate all the help and encouragement the Council on Aging has provided.

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