Small Town Newspaper – Reflections by Janet Keyes

Sense and nonsense,

inverse satire, and converse.

An old man walks his chosen beat

picking up trash left by littering punks

perhaps too busy planning a heist

at the tiny store run by Pakistanis

who can’t afford security cameras-

punks too busy to use the trash cans

two feet away.

Or too lazy.

Hit ’n run driver ID’d by cops

who find his dropped cell phone

with contact numbers for “Mom” and “Dad.”

Saudi women will get vote in four years,

and may get to drive cars someday.

Which century is this?

Man survives broken leg in Utah desert

where he hiked, inspired by movie “127 Hours.”

At least he didn’t have to gnaw it off….

California patient died during nurse labor dispute.

Strange, no patients seem to die when nurses aren’t on strike.

Eleven-year-old wins Apple Bake-Off at Farmers’ Market.

Probably she wasn’t the mini-mart heist perp.

Town “poor farm” to be re-activated to sell produce,

offer workshops, run summer camps, educate kids.

No poor folks, just yuppies and earthy-crunchies.

Gas prices falling, but don’t hold your breath.

Here, Polly, let’s reline your cage….


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