THRIFT SHOP BLUES By Lettice Randall

I was in the local thrift shop
Looking for something to buy
As I checked out the merchandise
A few things caught my eye.

Now that sweater is really pretty
And the color is awfully nice
But the label is reading extra-large
That thing will fit me twice!

So moving right along I go
These slacks are sure to please
Were these slacks made for munchkins?
They stop below my knees!

Then I thought I’d buy a T-shirt.
But from buying I had to refrain
Because I saw the awful truth
It had a big coffee stain!

This jacket would just be perfect
And the style is really smokin’
But this jacket will never keep me warm
For sadly the zipper is broken.

I guess I’ll check the shoes out
This pair looks really sweet
Could my eyes be playing tricks on me?
This pair has 2 left feet!!

Just then I spotted a little dress
And it wouldn’t cost much dough
But I think that dress had been in style
At least forty years ago!!

Well, my trip to Sallie’s was a bust
So it is with my greatest sorrow
That I am walking out the door
But I’ll be back tomorrow.

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