My Bucket List by Lettice Randall

Before I kick the bucket
I need to make a list  
Reminding me of all the things 
I’m really sad I missed. 
Maybe I’ll be able
To get a few things done 
Things that I missed out on 
While having other fun.

I’d really like to travel
And finish my degree  
There’s 2 things added to the list  
Now I’ll think up number 3

I suppose I could be nicer
To everyone I know
Well, that probably won’t happen
So to # 4 we’ll go

I could give money to the poor
I’ll check my purse to see
Well, that idea’s a total bust!
They’ll need to give to me!

Next on the list is # 5
So what’s that going to be?
Maybe I’ll don a scuba suit
And go diving in the sea.

Or maybe I could stow away
On a rocket ship to Mars
That might be a lot of fun
I’ll ride among the stars.

So who do I think I’m kidding.
My bucket list is shot.
I did all the things I wanted to
And a few that I did not

So I guess I just won’t worry
I won’t think about that list
And when I kick that bucket
It won’t matter what I missed

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