Bucket List by Luci Adams

Bucket List, hmm. I’ve never felt the need to make a list of what I want to do before I kick the bucket. After thinking about it, I would have on this list places such asMachu Picchu,Malta,Uluru,Iceland, Serpent Mound,Mt.Katahdin, Burnt Hill, and Turtle Mound. All sacred sites.

Now, why are these places considered sacred sites? What makes a sacred site?

Our planet is a complex entity experiencing many kinds of energetic phenomena that interact with us, humans and other animals, in known and unknown ways. Conditions of the atmosphere, temperature differences and sunlight intensity can affect us, both physically and psychologically. Geophysical phenomena such as:  magnetism, radioactivity, gravity, the presence of subsurface water, concentrated mineral ores, volcanic activity, earthquakes, tremors, and ultrasound, ionization—you get the picture. Research has shown that many ancient sacred sites are located directly on or in close proximity to areas known to have unusual levels of these kinds of phenomena.

Through the centuries, men, women and even animals have helped to create sacredness in many areas. How can an animal have anything to do with this, you ask? Four-leggeds appreciate shade, shelter from rain or some sort of danger as well as humans. If you add the element of thankfulness—and that is added to the energy surrounding the area—you have a winning combination to create a sacred site.

Back to my list:Machu PicchuinPeru, many agree, was built by the Inca ruler Pachacuti around 1440. It has a more than 550 years of being secluded and in a ‘higher’ place, something people who want to get away and meditate or just find peace and quiet, really go for.

Maltawas next on my list. Why Malta, you ask? The Goddess reigned supreme here. Maltese temples are the personification of the Earth Mother, with floor plans that echo abundant maternal curves. Imagine you are an ancient goddess worshiping person, entering the womb of the temple for communion with the Goddess, and emerging re-born into the sunlight. How awesome is that? I’d love to walk in one of the prehistoric temples still extant there. Imagine the meditations or visualizations you could have in a place that has been sacred for more than 3,000 years.

Third on my list is Uluru in Australia, the red rock. Knowing it is a sacred place where the ancestors emerged from the void and journeyed across the land creating all living things and the features of the land as they went, how special is that? And to sit in one of the caves near the bottom of the Rock would be wonderful—surrounded by the Earth, feeling her energy flowing through you and rejuvenating you. The ancient beings one could contact there, AHH!

Next listed is Iceland, land of fire and ice, volcanoes and icebergs. What a great place for temperature opposites! Lava flows in one area with ice bergs close by. Wouldn’t you just love to relax in a pool of geothermal waters, feeling the warmth of nature, not having a care in the world? What a way to commune with nature.

The next on my list is the Serpent Mound in Ohio. Most interpretations are, that the serpent is about to swallow an egg. Some think it may represent an eclipse. The ground underneath seems to be full of cave-like or hollow structures contributing to the thought that maybe there is more than a serpent resting underground. Perhaps the Adena people lived in the cave-like structures there. It would be interesting to meditate there and see what one could tune into.

And in New Englandis Mt. Katahdin, Maine. Among some Native Americans, Katahdin was believed to be the home of the storm god Pamola, and thus an area to be avoided. Another great place to be in nature and commune with Her or Him as the case may be, since it a storm god that was mentioned.

Also in New England are Burnt Hill in Western Mass and Turtle Mound in Rockport, Mass.

I’ve not been to Burnt Hill as yet, but Turtle Mound is a great place to go for shadow dancing and talking with Dragons.

These are places where I’d like to go, or return to. But are they absolutely necessary before I kick the bucket? No, the most important and only thing that is really important is to learn all I can possibly learn and become the best person I can possibly be. Sacred Sites, they are everywhere, not just at these well known—or little known—places. All of Earth is sacred. Thank her daily for her bounty.


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